alluvial ore spiral log washing machine

alluvial ore spiral log washing machine

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    • Clay log washers ideal for scrubbing difficult materials such as tough insoluble clays, conglomerates, soft stone and cemented aggregate
    • High capacity
    • Heavy duty conveying paddles
    • Fabricated with heavy duty tubs
    • Oversize bearings and gears
    • Thick-walled shafts
    • Lower end bolted to fully machined stub shaft. Upper end mounted through flexible coupling to output shaft of gearbox
    • The compound drive divides the operating load over an optimal combination of oversized helical and spur gears
    • Continuous grinding and abrading log washer paddles
    • Adjustable water discharge gates on both sides of lower end of the tub

    alluvial ore spiral log washing machine Descriptions:

    Our clay log washers are ideal for scrubbing difficult material. Tough insoluble clays, conglomerates and soft stone, and certain cemented aggregates are too difficult to clean properly in normal screw machines. The clay log washer thoroughly scouring, breaks down, and cleans the toughest materials. These high quality, highly durable machines perform well under the toughest clay conditions with minimum power, water and downtime.

    Feed material is normally delivered between two to four feet from the feed end of the box and is subjected to an aggressive washing action resulting from the intermeshing paddle design. The paddles perform two functions: they help convey material and are the catalyst to material on material scrubbing. The clean material works uphill, between the shafts, and is discharged out the bottom of the box. Deleterious materials are absorbed into water and carried over a weir on either side of the box. The length of the washer box is dependent upon the percentage and tenacity of clay or the waste to removed.

  • alluvial ore spiral log washing machine technical specifications:

    Model  Spiral Dia.
     Rotating Speed
    Feeding size
     Tank slope
     2RXL320  Φ320×3200  28  ≤30  ≤12  10  4  0.9
     2RXL400  Φ400×4600  23  ≤30  ≤12  20  5.5  1.9
     2RXL540  Φ540×4600  23  ≤30  ≤12  25  7.5  3.9
     2RXL750  Φ750×7600  22.7  ≤70  ≤12  50  40  17.2
     2RXL800  Φ800×7600  22  ≤70  ≤12  70  45  18.9
     2RXL914  Φ914×7600  21  ≤70  ≤12  100  55  23

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