classifying equipment spiral classifier

classifying equipment spiral classifier

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    • Introduction to classifying equipment spiral classifier 


      Spiral Classifiers also called Screw Classifiers are mainly used in ore beneficiation process. According to the different proportion of solid particles, the rate of precipitation in the liquid is also different.


      JXSC Ore Spiral Classifier concentrates with good effect. After grinding, the materials will pass through filter, through which the coarse materials will return to ball mill and the fine ore will be discharged from the overflow pipe.


      Our China spiral classifiers are designed to provide the most effective pool area and overflow velocity requirements. The proper combination of pool depth, area and spiral construction is important to secure a controlled turbulence in the slurry flow for accurate size separation. The most important thing is that our spiral classifier price is rather reasonable compared with other similar products.


      Structure of classifying equipment spiral classifier 


      This kind of Spiral separator is composed of a U trough, spiral, transmission, elevator machine, support bearing, etc. The down flow weir of the high weir type is higher than the lower bearing, but lower than the upper edge of the lower spiral. There is a horizontal long axis with helical blades in the U trough, and a down flow weir designed in the lower place. The transmission is installed in the upper chute; the upper main spiral shaft supports the bearing on the drive frame, while the lower bearing is fixed at the level of the elevator. The elevator is able to make the lower part of the spiral ascend and descend to regulate the distance between the spiral and the bottom of the chute as well as the confirming size of the spiral. Meanwhile, the spiral should be raised up at the time of a stop in order to avoid the desilting burying the spiral that will impinge on starting. The bearings of the main spiral shaft are quite vital parts, due to relatively harsh working conditions; the requirements for the sealing of the bearings are high. At the same time, the operator must strengthen the maintenance.


      Main Features of classifying equipment spiral classifier 


      1) Available in three standard spiral pitch sizes

      2) A variety of spiral lengths and speeds can be selected depending on the application

      3) Motorized hydraulic, manual hydraulic, and screw lifting device options

      4) Reliable drive arrangement

      5) Large diameter tubular shaft is supported by upper and lower bearings

      6) Cast steel flight arms are short with a large cross-section that will resist big loads without bending

      7) Pre-formed steel flight sections bolt to the flight arms.

  • classifying equipment spiral classifier technical specifications:

    Models and specifications Diameter of spiral(mm) Length of water tank(mm) Rotate speed of spiral(r/min) Production capacity(t/d) Motor power(kw) Weight (t)
    Return sand Overflow Transmission Hoisting
    FG7.5 750 5500 6-10 340-570 65 3.0 Manual 2.7
    FG10 1000 6500 5.0-8.0 675-1080 110 5.5 Manual 4.43
    FG12 1200 6500 5.0-8.0 1170-1870 155 5.5 1.5 8.7
    FG15 1500 8400 4.0-6.0 1830-2740 235 7.5 2.2 12.5
    FG20 2000 8400 4.0-6.0 3240-5400 400 11 2.8 20.5
    FG24 2400 9210 3.6 4650-7450 580 15 3.0 25.6
    FG30 3000 1250 3.2 11625 890 22 4.0 37.7
    2FG12 1200 6500 5.0-8.0 2340-3740 310 5.5×2 1.5×2 14.0
    2FG15 1500 8400 4-6.0 3660-5480 470 7.5×2 1.5×2 21.1
    2FG20 2000 8400 3.0-5.5 7780-11880 800 11×2 2.8×2 36.5
    2FG24 2400 9210 3.6 13600 1160 15×2 3×2 46.8
    2FG30 3000 12500 2.0-3.2 14600-23400 1785 22×2 4×2 73.0

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