Electromagnetic Vibration Screen

Electromagnetic Vibration Screen

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    • Introduction of Electromagnetic Vibration Screen:

      High frequency screen consists of vibration exciter, ore pulp distributor, screen frame, machine frame, suspension springs and sieve, etc.High efficiency, small amplitude and high frequency of screening; it differs from the conventional screens with breaking of the surface tension of pulp and small granularity high speed vibration on sieve cover and accelerates the separating of large-density useful mines and increase the contracting probability of the materials smaller than output granularity and the sieve pore. Therefore produce good condition and make the materials smaller than the output granularity, especially the big-density materials and pulp get through the sieve pore together.

      Feature and advantage Of Electromagnetic Vibration Screen:

      1.no rotating parts and does not require lubrication

      2.simple structure ,easy maintenance ,long life, low failure rate

      3.small drive power ,low noise

      4.begin and stop at any time

      5.adjustable sieve

      6.sieve slit is not easy to block

      7.well-designed with high performance

      8.screen angle can be adjusted

  • Electromagnetic Vibration Screen technical specifications:

    Model Sieve Area(M2) Density(%) Capability (t/h) Motor (KW) Dimensions(mm)
    GDS-2020 4 30-40 10-15 4 2778*2686*2619
    GDS-2420 4.8 30-40 15-20 4 2778*3086*2619
    GDS-2425 6 30-40 20-25 5 3125*3126*2927
    GDS-2430 7.2 30-40 25-30 6 4146*3126*3511

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