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Factors on influencing the Jig separation machine
AUTHOR: Jiangxi Shicheng    DATE:04 Dec 2012 15:06:04

1. the stroke (s) and stroke (n)Stroke, stroke loose hierarchies can have a big impact on the bed. Chong Cheng Chong different, would result in different flow characteristics and loose conditions of time and space. Increases the water flow speed and flow the pushing force become greater; increasing the water flow acceleration of acceleration reasoning increases, resulting in different effects on particles. Flow velocity is too small, beds of loose too small; if the water flow and speed is too great, even more than the heavy acceleration, the bed will hold up as a whole, were not very well loose. Large-stroke, high bed riser, and high slack space. Large stroke, short loose of time making the bed, but speeds up the tiered rate. Therefore, suitable for layering loose role is appropriate results of the combined effect of stroke, stroke.Stroke, stroke according to material properties, separation operation, operating conditions, as well as on product requirements, determined experimentally. Density, granular bed thickness, processing thick material, or a large amount of essential minerals large, required a larger stroke, a smaller stroke. Backwater hours. Large-stroke should be used. General Cheng Xiaochong or small Cheng Dachong down two tie system. Separating coarse grained materials should be treated with Chong Cheng Xiaochong drive small Chong Cheng Dachong sorting fine material to date.


2. sieve under water with water
Under the screen fill water water not only plays the role of supplementary water consumed by tailings discharge, more importantly, adjustable beds of loose and weakening downward flow and strong suction effect, controlled discharges under the screen concentrates of quantity and quality.Water in the sieve size, based primarily on the bed of loose and concentrate yield and quality regulation requirements. When the material density, when dealing with large amount of bed thickness, increasing screening of additional water will be increased under the bed of loose. For wide level materials, requires both appropriate for loose and hope on the grounds of excessive increase in a riser for loss of fine particles in the tail section, additional water under the small screen can be controlled at this time. Requirements concentrate high (such as sorting before fine grain Jig), sieve the water volume can be more if major is to reduce the mineral taste of jobs (such as Jig before the ratings), water under the sieve should be smaller.Screening effects of additional water on the properties of different materials under different, coarse material, attempts to enlarge the screen larger changes under water with water beds of loose, often futile, colleagues will increase water consumption, it is not economic. But for medium and fine materials, additional water adjust screen is very sensitive and effective.When jigging, added under the screening requirements of water enough to maintain a constant of water. Metal ores, 5-10 cubic metres of water per ton of ore. Water pressure required is greater than 2
Pound/cubic centimeters.


3. bed in nature and composition
Bed thickness is mainly affecting the degree and speed of mineral particle layered loose. Useful mineral ore and gangue density-difference, in order to speed up the tiered rate, enhancing productive capacities should be used in thin-bed layers; concentrate when you require high quality, thick bedding should be used. Tailgate height of bed thickness by jigging machine control, typically 100-200 mm.When elected not less than 2 mm fine-grain ore, the use of screening method of discharging. At this point, the laying of artificial bed must be on the screening Board to regulate the quantity and quality, control concentrate. Composition of artificial bed (bed thickness and artificial stone particle size, density) to concentrate significant impact quantity and quality. Bed rock grain size coarse, low density, small artificial bed thickness, pore large, fine is easy through the artificial bed, concentrate a high recovery rate, but low taste, conversely, the recovery rate is low, high concentrate tastes. Artificial bed density should be equal to or slightly less than the density of mineral density. Constructed under the bed the size of screen concentrates the maximum particle size of more than three times. Artificial bed thickness of not less than half the jig room height, General 10-70 mm. Bed size ratio should be as appropriate as possible, shape should be as even and smooth as possible.It should be noted that factors affecting the jigging washing process is not mutual isolation, must be specifically analyzed. Appropriate operating system, best determined by the test.