In the past 30 years, environmental awareness is growing. Cost and maximum recovery rate was no longer factory design only considered. Efficiency, effective and environment allowing for technology, combined with the knowledge of the biggest recovery rate does not necessarily lead to the best economic benefit is considered today. Re-election is not limited by the particle roughness, assuming full dissociation between minerals, tailings can be as rough as possible cases of exclusion, which reduces the need for grinding. In addition, the re-election does not require pharmacy. Due to discharge of tailings and purification of waste is reduced, not only reduces the cost, and reduce environmental costs.

First, Gravity Separation Process Technology
Gravity separation process of the ore is made up of a series of jobs. Nature of the job can be divided into preparation operation, separation operation, three-part product processing operation.
(1) prepare for jobs, including a: for the useful mineral monomer dissociation of crushing and grinding; b: plastic or clay-containing ore washing and desliming; c: selected ore by means of screening or hydraulic grading by size-grading. Ore grading respectively after WINS, conditions conducive to the selected operation and improve separation efficiency.
(2) separation operation, is the main aspect of the separation of ore. Ore dressing process simple propagation, the simple is made up of unit operations, such as heavy medium separation.
(3) product processing operation mainly means concentrate dewatering, tailings conveying and storage.


Second, Gravity Separation Equipment
Processing modern minerals, the desired device must have the following characteristics:

(1) large capacity, modern mineral processing of objective requirements on creating benefits to economies of scale.

(2) on the effect of fine particle levels significantly, especially for -01037mm size-effect is obvious, recovery basically guarantee the +01037mm particles of the original equipment.

(3) concentration is relatively high, separating targets well.

(4) low power consumption.

(5) simple structure and easy to maintain. Gravity separation device hydraulic classification of Yunnan Tin type classification box, slime bucket, dense media separation cone heavy medium separator, heavy medium vibration chute, heavy medium cyclone and inclined wheel heavy medium separator, jig, chute separator, shaking, Eddy current separators, opto-electronic sorting machines.