feeding equipment swing feeder

feeding equipment swing feeder

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  • feeding equipment swing feeder Description

    Our mine vibrating hopper feeder is generally installed in front of the primary crusher, conveys big blocks continuously and evenly while removing the dirt and impurities by screen bars. As a necessary equipment, our mine vibrating hopper feeders GZD series can effectively control the feeding capacity to match with the capacity of the whole crushing plant. It features strong construction, anti-strike and wearable.

    There is three series for your choice:GZD series,GZZ series,ZSW series vibrating hopper feeders.


    Characteristic of feeding equipment swing feeder

    1) Stable vibrating feeding volume

    2) Reliable operation, long usage life

    3) Adjustable excitation force and

    4) Stable and convenient control of flow

    5) Vibrating motor as excitation source

        a) Low noise

        b) Low power consumption

    6) Good adjusting performance and without material splash

    7) Simple structure

    8) Convenient to install and maintain

    9) Light weight, small size

    10) Enclosed type can prevent dust pollution (optional)

  • feeding equipment swing feeder technical specifications:

    Model Entrance size Exit size Swinging Frequency Particle size Capacity Output Weight
    400*400 400*400 400*400 12 18.2 100 25-30 1.1 535
    600*500 600*500 600*500 10-50 38.9 200 10-50 4 1054
    980*1240 980*1240 900*800 20-50 23.7 350 36-90 7.5 1676

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