gold purify amalfamator mercury distiller

gold purify amalfamator mercury distiller

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    • gold purify amalfamator mercury distiller machine
      Gold purify amalgamator is widely used in small gold mining plant for evaporation the Hg from the Hg+ gold mixture, and refining the pure gold. 

      mercury distiller machine Working principle

      Due to mercury gasification temperature is below the melting point and boiling point of gold. We commonly used the method of distillation to separate the gold from amalgam mercury. 

      gold purify amalfamator mercury distiller Operating  instruction

       1. Put the amalgam mercury mix with gold into the sealed mercury distiller     There is a condenser tube connected with the top of the distiller. 

      2. Heat the distiller on the coke, gas or electric furnace 

      3. When the temperature reached 356°C, the amalgam will gasification, the Hg gas will run out through the iron tube  

      4. The gas Hg will become Spherical droplets after go through the condenser tube, and then you can recycle the Hg. 

      5. In order to separate the Hg completely, gold mining plant usually maintained the temperature on 400-450°C. And in the last 30 minutes, raised the temperature to 750-800°C. 6. Distill the Hg for around 5-6hours, the gold recovery rate can reach 99%. 


      gold purify amalfamator mercury distiller advantages: 

      1.     low price, fast pay back

      2.     small, very easy to carry and remove

      3.     high efficient, easy operation

      4.     Hg recycle use

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