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Gravity separation technology and equipment of mining powers-Russia
AUTHOR: Jiangxi Shicheng    DATE:24 Dec 2012 15:50:20

Mineral processing equipment development of mining technology development center in Novosibirsk-ЦОМ Jig sorting of old tailing, feeding gold grade for the 0.826g/t, 7.36g/t of gold concentrate grade, recovery rate is 98%. +0.045mm 90% gold recovery rate. LOOt/h has been manufacturing capacity centrifugal jig.
Jig with Итомак centrifugal concentrator concentrate, concentrate and magnetic separation concentrate spiral concentrator Celine Dion gold concentrate grade of 15~30 times, gold recovery rate of 70%~80%. Its handling capacity for 0.1~30t/h.
Nielsen centrifugal concentrator processing gold-bearing products (oxidation of sulfide ore, ore, concentrate and flotation concentrate Jig), to mine gold grade for 2~70g/t, Nielsen centrifugal concentrator concentrates containing gold 150~2800g/t, gold recovery rate is 40%~90%. Nielsen centrifugal concentrator are currently in Norilsk Nickel-copper ore dressing is applied.

Russia Novosibirsk "labour" factory sawtooth Jig Jig manufacturing cycle, enhanced SIP, strengthening recovery of thin ore grain. Vertical tilt of the inclined and horizontal single mesh of the sieve plate instead of in-line system, all this guarantees that the selected item movement, strengthening the mineral particle layered. Miscarriage rate and yield has been developed under the screen and concentrate on product screen product continuous discharge device for concentrate.

In gold mineral processing and re-election law often alone or used in combination with the flotation, leaching.

Russia Academy of Sciences xiboyaliya branch to placer gold separation process. The system washing tank, water screen, mechanical slot-shaped cell and formed of hydrocyclone, it can be in the recycling of old tailing of gold. Gold recovery rates than a regular process to improve the 15%~20% of the new technology, the processing capacity of the system lOt/h.

Application in treatment of primary gold ore joint gravity-flotation process, raise the gold recovery rate. Ore by mill mine Hou jumped jigs, with shake bed featured jumped jigs fine mine, jumped jigs tailings for page rock floating selected dropped carbon, floating selected fine mine again by shake bed selected, two a shake bed fine mine merged, its Au grade 220g/t, recovery 50%, page rock floating selected tailings for sulfide mine floating selected, obtained sulfide mine floating selected fine mine, its Au grade 160g/t, recovery 38.9%. Shale products containing 25% carbon. The process improving the gold concentrate grade and recovery rates, and solve the problem of stolen gold impurity caused by carbon.

Application of gravity separation-flotation-water joint process of refractory gold ore-smelting. Ore grinding, shaking sorting, be re-election, sulphide ore mineral of gold concentrate and tailings. After mine and mill in sulphide ore flotation, flotation concentrate after Regrinding, 15g/L chloride, hydrochloric acid and calcium 8g/L hypochlorite leaching, leaching with activated carbon adsorption and precipitation, roasting and smelting. The process not only higher recovery rates of gold, but also to prevent the cyanide pollution of the environment.

Separation of magnetic fluids application in gold mineral processing are based.
Shaker-mineral processing-magnetic separation-centrifugal separation method for magnetic fluid recovery of gold from Tin concentrates. Gold grade Tin concentrates is 67g/t, the process to obtain gold from gold concentrate grade of 772g/t, gold recovery rate of 72.44%.