lab sieving sieve equipment

lab sieving sieve equipment

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  • Introduction& application of lab sieving sieve equipment  :

    laboratory vibrating sieving machine is widely applied in laboratories for light, heavy Geological, metallurgical, chemical, building material ,coal, mine, grinding wheel ceramic and pharmaceutical industries and research institutes , laboratory vibrating sieving machine  is an ideal apparatus for particle size classification and screening of materials in laboratory. 

    The improved type not only has the technical functions of its prototype, but also can clamp sieve sets tightly as well as stop automatically. It can sieve products with multiple characteristics according to user needs

      Main structure of  lab sieving sieve equipment  :

    laboratory vibrating sieving machine main structure includes body frame, upper cap, swing part, vibrating part, holding part and sieve set.  

    Working principle of lab sieving sieve equipment   :

    aboratory vibrating sieving machineis electric motor driving the eccentric shafts, which give the sieve set a circular swing movement; at the same time, the electric motor drive eccentric cam and push rod, which will make sieve set an upward and downward movement, so as to achieve a swing and vibration result, and screening the materials effectively.  

    Features of lab sieving sieve equipment :

    1. Unique structure, good swing and vibrating force

    2. Auto stops setting, compact design, easy operating

    3. Automaticly control vibrating sieving time.

    4. Digital time display

  • lab sieving sieve equipment technical specifications:

    Sieve diameter 200mm Sieve stack height 400mm Amplitude of oscillation  12.5mm
    Shaking frequency  221/ min Knocking frequence 147/min Up and down amplitude 5mm
    Timer range 0-60mins Motor power 0.37kw voltage 380V
    Overall dimension 580*380*900mm        

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