lab test sieve equipment

lab test sieve equipment

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    • Introduction of lab test sieve equipment :

      Vibration sieve shaker, also known as three-dimensional vibrating screen filter, is a high-precision powder screening machinery, its low noise, high efficiency, quick changer takes 3-5 minutes, fully enclosed structure for sieving grain, flour, mucus and other materials filter. 

      Application  areas of lab test sieve equipment :

       1. Chemical industry: resins, coatings, industrial chemicals, cosmetics, paints, herbal powder.

      2. Food industry: sugar, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, milk, egg, soy sauce, fruit juice.

      3.Metal, Mining: aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore, alloy powder, powder electrodes, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, electrical magnetic material, abrasives, refractory materials, kaolin, lime, aluminum oxide, carbonate, heavy calcium and silica sand.

      4. Pollution treatment: oil, water, dyeing wastewater, chemicals, activated carbon Features

      Working principle of lab test sieve equipment : 

      Vibration sieve is a vertical excitation source for the motor, the motor and lower ends are mounted eccentric weight, the rotary motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical, inclined three million sports, then this movement is transmitted to the screen surface . The regulator, the phase angle and lower ends, you can change the trajectory of the screen surface material in. 

      Features of  lab test sieve equipment:

      1. high efficiency, compact design and durable, no flour, mucus can be sieved.

      2. changer easy, simple to operate, easy to clean.

      3. mesh is not blocked, the powder does not fly, can be screened to 500 mesh or 0.028mm.     

      4. impurities, coarse material discharged automatically, continuous operation.

      5. Sieving efficiency is as high as 90% -95%.

      6.  Noise <75 dB. Re-optimization is balanced, ground-based dynamic load is low.

      7. Screen longer life and higher efficiency.

      8. Equipment can be installed to any desired position and easy to move.

      9.  Economic environment, the whole, long screen life, low energy consumption, low maintenance costs, high efficiency

      10. Equipment affordable, low noise, fully enclosed, outstanding environmental performance.

      4. Digital time display

  • lab test sieve equipment technical specifications:

    Model Power(kw) Screen diameter Dimension mm Layer Qty
    LX 400 —1S 0.18 Φ400mm 580×580×560 1
    LX 600 —1S 0.25 Φ600 mm 800×800×680 1
    LX 800 —1S 0.55 Φ800mm 900×900×780 1
    LX 1000 —1S 0.75 Φ970mm 1160×1160×880 1
    LX 1200 —1S 1.1 Φ1170mm 1360×1360×980 1
    LX 1500 —1S 1.5 Φ1470mm 1850×1850×1130 1
    LX 1800 —1S 3 Φ1770mm 2200×2200×1360 1
    Model Power(kw) Screen diameter Dimension mm Layer Qty
    LX-400-2S 0.18 400mm 580×580×660  2
    LX -600-2 0.37 600 mm 800×800×680 2
    LX -800-2S  0.55 800mm 900×900×930 2
    LX -1000-2S  0.75 970mm 1160×1160×1030 2
    LX -1200-2S 1.1 1170mm 1360×1360×1160  2
    LX -1500-2S  1.5 1470mm 1850×1850×1330  2
    LX -1800-2S 3 1770mm 2200×2200×1460  2

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