laboratory electric hot plate

laboratory electric hot plate

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  • laboratory electric hot plate is a uniform heat device used in laboratory. The machine used high quality alloy wires to heating, with features of clean and convenient, safety and strong. It is an ideal device for heating the organic and flammable materials, has the advantage of heating fast, high temperature, uniform heating, energy saving.

    Aplication of  laboratory electric hot plate

    laboratory electric hot plate is a heater suitable to be used in labs of iron & steel, coking, chemical industries, school, hospital and research institute. It is uniform in heat dissipation, safe and clean with automatic control of temperature. It is an ideal tool for heating organic and flammable materials. It is a scientific, technical and industrial enterprise integrated with technology, industry and trade

  • laboratory electric hot plate technical specifications:

    Model  voltagev) Heating plate material Power (kw) Heating plate area (mm) Temperature scope ()
    SB-1.8-4 220 Cast iron  0.8-1.5 450*300 20-400
    SB-3.6-4 220 Cast iron 1.5-3.0 600*450 20-400
    SB2-3.6-4 220 Silicon carbide 1.8-3.6 300*500 20-400
    TP-1 220 Stainless steel 0.9-1.8 260*260 20-400
    TP-2 220 Stainless steel 1-2 300*300 20-400
    TP-3 220 Stainless steel 1.2-2.5 400*250 20-400
    TP-4 220 Stainless steel 1.4-2.8 400*400 20-400
    TP-5 220 Stainless steel 1.6-3.2 500*350 20-400
    TP-6 220 Stainless steel 1.8-3.6 550*380 20-400
    DRA-4 220 Cast aluminum 2 500*350 20-400

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