Laboratory Grate ball Mill

Laboratory Grate ball Mill

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  • Laboratory Grate Mill S12 is provided for mineral processing research organization and pilot plant for continued grinding operation,and study and determination of indexes of ore grindability in tests of mineral feasibility study .

    It also can be provided for beneficiation plant as grinding equipment or other industries as fine material grinding equipment. The product is produced by the only enterprise designated by the former Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, in compliance with the Industrial standards


  • Laboratory Grate ball Mill technical specifications:

    MQΦ420×450Grate mill 
     Drum size mm ф420×450
    Drum volume L 60
    Drum speed R/min 57
    Quantity of ball ф35-ф40 kg 40
    ф30-ф35 kg 30
    ф25-ф30 kg 20
    ф20-ф25 kg 10
    Feeding size mm 5-10
    Output size mm Grinding size can be control to 95%-0.074
    capacity Kg/h 45-90
    power KW 1.5

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