Laboratory Planetary Ball Milling Machine

Laboratory Planetary Ball Milling Machine

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  • Lab Planetary Ball Mill Description:


    XPWL laboratory planetary ball mill is a kind high efficiency fine grinding and mixing machine which used in Laboratory and small scale production. XPWL is preferred equipment for research,teaching,testing and production which have many advantages: Beautiful and novel shaped,compact structure,easy operation,high efficiency,Granularity fined and uniformed milled. XPWL is wildly used in non-metallic mine,electronic,geology,mine,biology,biotechnology,ceramics,glass,chemicals,construction materials,environmental research,medicine,Mineralogy and metallurgy,new materials,abrasives, agriculture and other industries.

    XPWL have a Breakneck speed to achieve a very high grinding fineness , various kinds of sample and large quantity of sample.also it is Suitable for long experimental operation and continuous operation .XPWL featured safe and stable operation which would generate reproducible results achieved by the energy and speed control.XPWL have a memory function and can store standard have LCD screen menu display which is user friendly designed. It is suitable for dry and wet milling.XPWL ,adopt AC inverter technology ,have Wide speed range, smooth shifting .it is very convenient to mixing and abrasive.


    Lab Planetary Ball Mill Advantages & Features:

    -- Elegant design, easy to operate

    -- Ideal for wet or dry grinding application

    -- Automatic and programmable control with LED display

    -- Multiple grinding modes to choose

    -- High uniformity and excellent repeatability

    -- Fast rotational speed, high efficiency and fine granularity

    -- Four samples with different sizes and materials in one experiment

    -- Stepless speed regulation; ideal rotary speed selection according to experimental results

    -- Large range of materials available for grinding media

    -- Gear-drive offers an effective solutions to problems caused by belt driving, such as belt creep and belt abrasion

    -- Low center of gravity, good rigidity, compact structure, low noise, safe and reliable operation, no pollution and small wear

    -- Cooling of the grinding chamber with a built-in fan for long grinding times 



  • Laboratory Planetary Ball Milling Machine

       Model  XPWL-200/50
    Capacity  100*90(200g)
    Drums QTY  4
    Drum assorting sets  2
    Max feeding size  10mm
    Output size  -200-0.074mm
    Motor power (kw) 0.75kw
    Overall size (mm) 800*680*1080
    Machine weight  320



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