Laboratory QM cylindrical ball mill

Laboratory QM cylindrical ball mill

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  • Laboratory QM cylindrical ball mill application area: non-ferrous metal ores, iron and manganese ores, cement, refractories, slag, ceramics, building materials, coal, chemicals, agriculture, forestry, environmental.QM-φ480/φ600 are especially suitable for rare earth  aluminum, iron, boron magnetic materials and Hydrogen storage alloy powder, oxidation processing requirements of nickel hydrogen battery. 

    QM-φ480x600 applys in industrial-type test and industrial production, especially firecracker industry, ceramic industry and so on. Convenient Feeding material, uniform output size and convenient usage are well-known features. Large processing capacity, dry and wet abrasive effect is remarkable. Abrasive time sets freeely. LCD screen menu display, user-friendly design. Compact machine structure, reasonable and simple and reliable transmission mechanism design.

  • Laboratory QM cylindrical ball mill technical specifications:

    Model  QM-400*600
    Maximum Feeding amount (kg/time) 50
    Capacity (kg/h) Output size(mm) Capacity
    0.8 350
    0.3 300
    0.2 150
    0.15 90
    0.074 45
    Power(kw) 15
    Overall size(mm) 1650*900*1050
    Weight(kg) 630

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