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Merry Christmas to all Valued Clients of JXSC Mining Factory
AUTHOR: JXSC Mining    DATE:24 Dec 2012 15:55:20

There is a group of friends around, laughing so much; there is a hope, dream will fly; luck in life, will be long; there's a blessed Christmas, you will be at ease. Merry Christmas!
Safe riding the fast track to the winter road, let happiness and you embrace, so difficult to see you wants to give way, make trouble quietly walk away, so propitious for you particularly care, let happiness always smile to you, Merry Christmas sincerely to all valued clients of JXSC mining factory, Jiangxi, China.

There is no snow, and still romantic. Even in winter, I feel the warmth. Fire flames, festoons. Under the Christmas tree, gifts such as mountains. Bell, lucky romantic. Blessed sound of happiness forever!

Happiness on the road, Gong has sounded; happiness also out, Fireworks have already bloomed; peace accompany you for Christmas, lucky squat beside you forever, beautiful Christmas, I wish you a happy, healthy forever!

Work is busy, has not forgotten you; holiday blessings, wish you a happy laugh. My best wishes, passing wind, wishing you smile always there, Merry Christmas and a happy blessings forever treasure.

Christmas is coming, not just so wonderful day to think of you, but each Festival to openly harass you, told you, happy every day, not just at Christmas! Once again wish you a Merry Christmas it's more fun every day!

Wind bring light, water brings gentle, brought hazy fog, sea bringing tolerance, months bring warm, bring enthusiasm, me really wish: I wish you a Merry Christmas!
Jingle jingle, mobile phone ring tone ring. A warm smile on his face, blessed words in heart. Small text messages to a few lines, words are welcome! We wish you a Merry Christmas, happy long! Christmas Eve blessings

Oh Christmas Eve remembered before bed socks, so I will ask Santa to bring you 1 1 hen and cock ... Because the cock is said eggs eggs! Hen said: fast fast! Haha
Kindly old man driving a peace, health, wealth, happiness, beautiful, pure, future, head reindeer pulling the sleigh to send gifts with God comes, don't hesitate, they belong to you.

Christmas night return, White Christmas waves wave long, happy greet new year's day, happy new year hope. One of the ends of the Earth as it is in, who is praying for you, your future sunny.

To the Santa Claus Christmas Eve I wish: I hope that no matter how stinky your feet, when you wear socks in the morning, to receive my full blessings, warm your heart and feet ㄚ!
Riding the snowmobile, Santa Claus came from afar, he installed all handbag sent to everyone, including you. Good people will always be deeply blessed, dear friends, Merry Christmas.

The Santa Claus wears a red jacket, green onion cage Christmas trees, Golden Bell, early into our eyes, let us look forward to Christmas, give yourself a reason to relax, crazy, entertainment!

Wind gentle rain, full moon, after winter, water is like smoke, Christmas one year ahead. Say take care, road safety, season greetings when first, wish family and Mei! Live sweet sweet sweet! Live for life! Happy Christmas!

Winter sun, in my thoughts, warming; care time, playing on the morning breeze at dusk the lyric line. Pure hearts, river flow in sincere trip; deeply blessed, and Santa Claus bring you: Merry Christmas! All good health!

The Moon, Flash Flash, hangs the horizon; I miss the slightest breath into line; recalls a scene, before our eyes. In this dawn of the Christmas send warm wishes! Wishing you a happy! Merry Christmas!

Christmas star, is I ask Santa to give you blessings. When every little star reach your vision, will be turned into gentle care of your sweet dreams till! May you have a happy Christmas!

Safe riding the fast track to the winter road, let joy and you embrace, so difficult to see you wants to give way, make trouble quietly walk away, so propitious for you particularly care, Merry Christmas!