sample preparation laboratory electric rotary kiln

sample preparation  laboratory electric rotary kiln

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  • sample preparation  laboratory electric rotary kiln Description: 

    SHY-1 Laboratory Rotary Kiln is applicable for tests of calcination and sintering of samples in metallurgical, geological, mine, chemical, building material and other industries. Compared with the traditional muffle furnace and tube furnace, the most important advantage of the kiln is that the furnace tube is rotating. In the processing of materials, the furnace tube keeps rotating with the resultant good quality and high efficiency of the processing and the test data obtained relatively similar to the production state. Given continuous material charging and discharging for the rotary kiln, processing of massive materials can more display its advantages. It also can be employed in pilot plant production. In addition, the rotary kiln tube is sealed off at its both ends and therefore, gases necessary for oxidation and reduction can be sent into it during operation.  

    sample preparation  laboratory electric rotary kiln consists of two parts: part of kiln body; part of electric control box. The kiln body is divided into two sections of electrical furnace body and dynamic rotation with the kiln body constructed of clayed circular hearth uniformly inserted with 9 silicon carbon rods along the circular axis (one group made up of 3 rods and Y connection for every 3 groups). High aluminum ceramic furnace tube is installed in the silicon carbon rod. After being energized, the silicon carbon rod will generate high temperature to heat the furnace tube. 

    sample preparation  laboratory electric rotary kiln Advantages & Features:

    -- Reasonable structure 

    --Good sealed performance

     -- High efficiency sample preparation 

    -- Wide range of application

     -- The biggest advantage is that the furnace pipe is rotating, Sample is keeping flip in the sample have a good quality and high efficiency, and the testing data is relatively close to the production status. 

    -- It can test and grinding all kinds of metal and non-metal ore sample, also can control the grinding time.

  • sample preparation  laboratory electric rotary kiln technical specifications:

    Model SHY-1
    Max temperature () 130
    Speed (r/min) 0-3.3
    Angle of inclination (°) 0-10
    Furnase tube size (mm) 92/100*1000
    Furnase power (kw) 24
    Weight (kg) 775
    Motor power (kw) 0.6
    Controller weight (kg) 160

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