small rock hammer crusher machine

small rock hammer crusher machine

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  • Introduction  of the small rock hammer crusher machine

    The PC hammer crusher crush the materials by high speed rotation hammers crushing, it’s with simple structurelarge crushing ratio and high efficiency features, running with wet and dry crushing work. The laboratory hammer crusher is the best to crush medium hardness and brittleness materials especially apply to mining area, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, roads, fuel&chemical departments.


    This crusher can be adjust the grate gap to change the output size according user’ requirements. 


    Working principle  of the small rock hammer crusher machine:

    The PC hammer crusher is mainly crush the materials by impact crashing, the crushing processing is like this, the materials put into the crusher, broken by high speed rotation cashing, and with high speed cashing in baffles and screen bars, the broken material been repeatedly conflict, the bigger particle materials hammer again on the screen bars by grinding, squeezing and crushing, materials extruded from the gap of hammers.


    Structure  of the small rock hammer crusher machine:

    The PC hammer crusher main parts is rotors with hammers, the rotor includes shaft, pins and small hammers.


  • small rock hammer crusher machine technical specifications:

    Model Feeding Size Output adjustable Range(mm) Motor Power Capacity Weight
    (mm) (kw) (kg/h) (kg)
    PC400*150 90 0.2-6 1.5 600-800 150
    PC400*185 90 0.2-6 3 400-800 180
    PC400*200 100 0.2-6 3 400-800 200
    PC180*150 <50 1-6 2.2 300-600 136
    PC250*360 150 3-12 3 600-1000 300

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