XFD-12 cells laboratory small flotation machine

XFD-12 cells  laboratory small flotation machine

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  • XFD-12 cells  laboratory small flotation machine is employed for agitation , separation, scrubbing and cleaning of samples in labs of geological, metallurgical, building material, chemical, coal, beneficiation plant of mine , institutions of higher learning and research institutions.


    XFD-12 cells  laboratory small flotation machine is produced by the only manufacturer designated by the former Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, in compliance with the Industrial standards.


    XFD-12 cells  laboratory small flotation machine  is an experimental standard flotation machine for coal dressing and is also suitable to applied in metallurgical, geological, coal, building material, chemical, environmental protection and other industries for agitating, scrubbing, separating and cleaning minor samples.


    XFD-12 cells  laboratory small flotation machine is a updated product of XFGC Model Multi-cell Flotation Machine, adopting frequency conversion technology, stepless speed governing of impeller and digital display with accurate adjustment and reliable operation. XFD-12 Lab Multi-cell Flotation Machine uses the external aeration device with adjustment of aeration, accuracy and reliability.


  • XFD-12 cells  laboratory small flotation machine technical specifications:

    Technical date unit XFD-12
    single cell capacity L 0.50.751248
    Rotary speed of impeller rpm 700-2000
    Feeding granularity mm 0.2
    Main motor Power per cell JW8324
    Diameter of impeller mm 547395
    Dimension mm 560*460*860
    Weight kg 58

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