Gold Concentrators

Gold Concentrators

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  • Brief Introduction for Gold Concentrators

    Gravity separation for gold ore beneficiation process flow-chart:

    1,Wash off the mud: in water so that caking or quartz along the grain of fine dispersion of bond, and mud removed. Applicable to industries such as glass, Foundry sand, fine mud removal of clay.

    2, Water rate: according to different particle settling velocity of flow in the different minerals in water litre, wide-level group is organized into product size-, separate the different grain size in order to meet user requirements. Suitable for standard sand casting, glass sand, cement, and so on.

    3, Shaking table process: iron ore and the density of particles in the water settlement faster, density of quartz along the grain under the combined effect of transverse and longitudinal flow and separation of heavy minerals. Applies to remove iron and other heavy minerals of glass sand.


    Advantages and characteristics of gold ore gravity separation process

    Gravity separation process, referred to as heavy separation, were separated according to the mineral density of different minerals beneficiation methods. Apart from gravity separation equipment, for re-election, must also have the media. Media such as water and air. This is where the gravity is different from other mineral processing technology.Characteristics of re-election law, or benefits in the simple structure, low processing costs, so as long as the conditions are right can be used when gravity dressing process. Note: this gold concentration plant process based on standard process design, can be designed according to requirements of customer production and optimization of different.

  • Model Drum Dia Screen size Rotation speed Feeding size Water requirement Angle of inclination Capacity Power
    (mm) (mm) (r/min) (mm) (M3/h) ( ° ) (T/h) (kw)
    JXSC-400 400 20 27.9 80 1 10 10 3
    JXSC-600 600 25 27.6 80 1.2 10 20 5
    JXSC-750 750 25 27.6 100 1.3 10 30 7.5
    JXSC-900 900 25 27.6 100 1.5 10 40 15
    JXSC-1200 1200 25 19 160 1.7 10 50-70 22
    JXSC-1500 1500 50 19 230 2 10 70-120 30
    JXSC-1800 1800 50 16 230 2.2 10 120-150 37
    JXSC-2100 2100 50 16 230 2.4 10 150-180 45


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