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Mining crusher also called stone & rock crusher, a crushing machinery that reduces the volume of crush mineral rock, ore lump, process the mineral material to appropriate fine piece. According to the particle of feed and discharge, crushing stage mainly divides into rough crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing, stone crushers can be adopted as primary crusher, secondary crusher, tertiary crusher, and fourth or more. The common rock crushing equipment including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher, hammer crusher, gyratory crusher, compound crusher and so on.


There are some factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a crushing machine, that is feed opening, required productivity, ore lump volume, mineral material moisture content, ore chute configuration, etc. Usually, the acceptable largest ore fragment is the key factor to class the processing ability of primary crushers.

Jaw crushers are the popular primary crushers in small processing plants, owing to the features of simple structure and easy operation. In addition, the cost of wearing parts is less than that of other complicated casting crushers. List of few well-known mining rock crusher brands: Nordberg, Metso, Sandvik crusher.

Sometimes the transportability is also a factor influence the crusher machine selection, because of the main crusher frame is the heaviest item of the whole crushing plant, heavyweight would increase the transport difficulty, especially in the remote area.

The layout and machine configuration of crushing plant should be designed reasonably with maximum cost without waste. Normally the processing capability of 350-550 tons/8h can be reached when the crushing plant has one set of primary crusher, screen, secondary crusher, and convey belts. The discharge material from the primary crusher and secondary crusher is sent to the screen machine, the material which oversize is conveyed to secondary crusher until all in screen undersize( finished product). For higher throughputs, adding a closed circuit tertiary cone crusher to the existing plant at above mentioned can increase processing capability to 550-1000 t/day (2 shifts working). what's more, it has been proved effectively that the original crushing plant which adds a cone crusher and screen machine can process more convenient, even the ore material has a high content of moisture, the fine moist material is removed by screen and no effects on the follow crushing stage.

Considering the possibility of chokes, it's best to add a jib hoist or hydraulic stone tongs for all the rock crushing machine and important ore flow points. Additional, the tramp iron may do harm to the cavity and other transfer machines, many crushing plants set a pendent magnet ( permanent magnetism or electromagnetism) to pick the iron pieces in advance.

The shown tonnages, processing capability of crushing plant, may be thought of to be standardized. It is unadvisable to spend much time to study machines abrasion degree or count the machine operating cost for the required ore particle size production in the small installations.