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JXSC gold mining equipment manufacturers professional in gold trommel, specialize in gold wash plant, gold extraction process, gold electrolysis, gold flotation, carbon in pulp, and other gold mining process. Click to get the gold processing plant consultation.

Gold Mining Process Flowsheet

After the first stage crushing process, the ore material enters the double-layer vibrating screen, the crushed upper layer material with middle layer material enters the second crushing stage, the outlet material from the first crushing stage, and the second crushing stage into the screening procedure.

The screened material is ground by the first stage ball mill, a closed circuit grinding system is composed of the ball mill and the classifier.

The staged overflow is classified by the cyclone and then enters the second-stage ball mill for re-grinding, and then forms a closed-circuit grinding with the cyclone.

The gold-plating equipment cyclone overflow firstly performs preferential flotation, and the foam products are subjected to secondary selection and a three-time selection to become concentrate products. After the preferential flotation, the tailings undergo a rough selection, a selection, and two The selection process of three selections, three selections, and one sweeping, one selected tailings, and one sweeping foam product enter the cyclone for re-classification, re-selection, secondary selection and one fine The selection constitutes a closed-circuit selection, and the three selections and the second selection constitute a closed-circuit selection.

Gold Mining Equipment

The gold mining equipment includes the jaw crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher, vertical crusher, cone crusher, ball mill, vibrating screen, spiral separator, flotation machine, mining agitation tank, ore feeder, concentrator, mine hoist, mining conveyor belt, pre-watering into a ball plate, spiral chute, beneficiation shaker, washing machine, and other equipment.

Gold Mining Equipment/Process Consultation

JXSC has been supplying mining equipment and processing plant layout for global over 36 years.

Rich experience in gold mining, diamond, tungsten, copper, manganese, titanium, chrome, etc.

Gold Gravity Beneficiation & Mining Equipment

Gravity beneficiation is an ore dressing method which according to mineral density and plays an important role in contemporary mineral processing methods. The gravity separation equipment includes spiral chutes, shaker tables, jigs, and short cone cyclones.


Gold Dressing Methods

1. Mercury amalgamation-gravity separation
This process involves gravity separation and then mercury amalgamation or mercury amalgamation before gravity separation. The former method is mostly used for the placer gold which with low gold content, or the surface contaminated ore. The latter is mostly used for the quartz vein gold-bearing sulfide ore.

2. Gravity separation (amalgamation)-cyanide process
This gold processing method is suited for the quartz vein type gold-bearing oxidized ore which with uneven disseminated grain size and high oxidation degree, is the gold-bearing ore basically free of copper, arsenic, antimony, etc.

3. Flotation process
This processing method is suitable for the quartz vein gold-bearing ore, gold-bearing altered rock type ore, and sulfides ore which with fine gold particles and good floatability, widely applied in the medium-large good mining plant.

4. Gravity separation (amalgamation)-flotation process
This procedure is applicable to the uneven disseminated grain size and low sulfur quartz veins containing gold ore. Since the monomer-dissociated gold is recovered in a timely and early manner in the grinding circuit, the total recovery of gold can be increased. This process is a widely used process in China's gold plant, in which the recovery rate of gold can reach 30-60%.

5. Cyanidation (full mud cyanidation) process
Applicable to gold with a higher emerald grain size, a deeper iron ore-bearing pyrite quartz vein-type ore, or a gold-altered diorite-type ore. The ore is required to contain no elements harmful to cyanidation such as copper, arsenic, or antimony.

6. Flotation-Cyanide Process
This process is suitable for the treatment of gold-bearing iron ore quartz vein ore with gold and sulfide symbiosis. It is also suitable for gold-bearing granite fracture zone altered rock type ore, especially for high sulfur ore. To apply. This process is also one of the common processes in China's gold mines.

7. Flotation-baking-cyanide combined process
This procedure is applicable to gold-bearing quartz vein-type ores containing elements such as arsenic and antimony. The roasting process is a preparation for cyanidation in order to remove elements that are harmful to cyanidation.

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