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Cone crusher is a compression type of rock size reducing machine that crushes rock & stone material by the physical compression force forming by the fixed steel and the moving steel. The final discharge particle size is determined by the interval between the fixed member and the moving member at the lowest point of the discharge opening. By setting the gap to get a required particle size, generally, the cone crusher has a 4:1 to 6:1 crushing ratio.

The existing upgrade considerations of cone crusher:
How to increase the crushing cavity thus to increase the crushing efficiency in the existing crushing machine volume/ space?
How to increase the applicability to have a wider range of applications without changing some major parts?
Besides, the features of easy to repair/maintenance and remote controlling can grasp the eyes and gain more market.
[Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher]
A multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is also suited for the secondary or tertiary stages of crushing plant by changing body liners and adaptors. In China, you have a free choice of a full range of model and type, standard head, short head, combination design, pick the right one according to your requirements.
Hydrocone crusher is equipped with the automatic control and fingertip manipulation system and two hydraulic cylinders that have a protective effect that if one overload, then another one can fast react to clear choke merely by remote controlling.
[Mono cylinder hydraulic cone crusher]

JXSC provide GP series cone crusher, HP cone crusher, and Symons cone crushers around the world.
Symons is a world brand of cone crusher machine, widely applied in the secondary, tertiary and quaternary crushing sector of rock reducing task among aggregate processing, mineral processing industry. What's the difference between cone crusher and the primary gyratory crusher? Symons machine has a special flatter chamber, and a high rotational speed twice that of gyratory crusher.
The great features are incomparable adjustability and the protection system design of head-center. the crusher setting is easy to change by adjusting the hydraulic oil box. The overflow metal will cause the pressure fluctuation in the hydraulic system, which is absorbed by the relief valves and the energy storage bottle filled with the airbag. When the flowing metal falls, the flowing metal makes the main center drop and return to the normal working state. By rotating the bowl raise or drop by hand or hydraulic cylinder can adjust the Symons / spring cone crushers.

It is shown that the crushing stroke of Symons crusher has close relevancy with the free fall force, reducing the rock size by a series of steps do the help of reducing wear of liners. In addition, this successful principle of crushing hard rock was applied in the hydraulic cones, the design of the crushing cavity and eccentric speed is the same as the Symons.

Mechanical simplicity and ease of operation

Large and continuous crushing capacity

Simplified installation, adjustment and maintenance

Efficient and energy saving

Cone Crusher Models Specification

Model Cavity Type Stroke(mm) Feeding size
Discharging size Capacity(t/h) Motor power(Kw) Weight(t)
DN1650C2-D Coarse 34 300 35-65 280-610 250 35
DN1650C-D Coarse 34 260 30-60 2665-580 250 35
DN1650Z-D Medium Coarse 34 240 25-60 240-550 250 35
DN1650S-X Fine 28 130 20-45 180-350 250 35
DN1400C-D Coarse 30 235 235 210-530 220 25
DN1400Z-D Medium Coarse 30 215 25-50 200-500 220 25
DN1400Z-X Medium Coarse 11 25 180 180-475 180-475 25
DN1400S-X Fine 25 100 19-40 130-260 220 25
DN1200C-D Coarse 22 180 19-50 110-250 132 16
DN1200S-X Fine 15 80 16-40 80-180 132 16
DN1000C-D Coarse 20 160 16-35 70-215 110 14
DN1000Z-D Medium Coarse 18 115 16-30 55-135 110 14
DN1000S-X fine 15  80 10-25 47-90 110 14

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