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What is Roller Crusher

Roll crushers crush the material use two opposite rotation of the rollers. The crushing is made up of electromotor, holder, fixed roller, movable roller and safety spring. The surface of the roller is mostly smooth. According to the number of rolls, there are single-roll, double-roll or multi-roll crushers. The double roll crusher is the most common rock stone crushing machine.

JXSC mining roller double crushers are simple in design and construction, low maintenance cost, low water requirement, reliable performance, less power consumption, less dust, low noise, and the discharging particle size can be adjusted.

The main roll crusher of JXSC Mining is a double-roll. It is a fine crushing which similar to a hammer crusher. Crushing the iron ore, quartz stone, rock gold, rock tantalum niobium ore, rock tin ore, rock tungsten ore, manganese ore, ilmenite ore, K-albite, limestone, river pebbles, copper ore, bauxite, Barite, Basalt.

How Roll Crusher Working

The material falls between the two rollers through the feeding opening of the upper part of the equipment, and is brought into the gap between the two rollers by the action of friction and is gradually crushed.

When there is a hard material that can not be broken, the roller automatically gives way, so that the gap between the rollers increases, the hard material falls down, by virtue of the role of hydraulic cylinder or spring, the roller is restored to the original gap, thus protecting the machine, adjusting the gap between the two rollers, to control the maximum granularity of the product.

Technical Parameters

Model Input size  Output size adjustable Capacity Power
(mm) (mm) (T/h) (KW)
2PG0404 120 10-50 6-40 4×2
2PG0605  200 10-70 10-80 11×2
2PG0806  300 10-90  20-150 15×2
2PG1008  400  10-110  30-200 18.5×2
2PG0812  300 10-90  40-280 22×2
2PG1012  400  10-110  50-350 30×2
2PG1212  700  10-140  65-450 37×2
2PG1612  1000  10-180  80-600 75×2
2PG1618  1000  10-200  90-780 90×2


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