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JXSC supply reliable effective sand washing machines for long service life and low cost of maintenance, the ever-changing innovative spirit which enables us being a knowledge and expertise company in the mineral processing industry.
The sand washing machine is cleaning equipment for artificial sand and natural sand, which capable of selection, classification, dust-removal, washing, and widely used in the sand quarrying, mining, construction materials, water conservancy, hydropower, concrete and so on applications. There are two types of sand washing machines: wheel type and spiral type.

【Spiral Sand Washing Machine】
Main parts: water tank, spiral shaft, adjustable plate and transmission device.
By rotating the spiral shaft to mix the sand/ rock and water evenly, the sand-water mixture through the setting tank, the coarse particle with heavier weight settle down the tank bottom, at meanwhile, the lighter weight material will flow out. In addition, the spiral log washer can classify the sand by size.
Spiral washing machine suited for abrasive, refractory material, cement, quartz, steel sand, slag powder, copper ore, iron, gold, gravel, frac sand, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate and other fine and medium-sized material. it has great features of energy-saving, durable, ease of maintain.
Types of spiral washer
JXSC offers a single log and double log screw wash plant to process material within 30mm.
【Wheel Sand Washing Machine】
Main parts: triangle belt, reducer, gear, impeller, motor drive, tank.
The motor drives the impeller to rotate and stir the mixture of water and sand material, the dust cover of sand can be removed to some extent. the lighter weight sand and impurity substance flow out along the water flow, cleaned sand settle down at the tank bottom that then discharged gradually.

【Sand plant】
Sand washing machines always combine with stone crusher, sand making machine, sand cleaning machine, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, convey belt and so on equipment to generate construction grade sand, gravel, aggregate materials.
JXSC, always keep innovating and improving to incorporate with many qualities, known name famous with responsibility and integrity.

Mechanical simplicity and ease of operation

Large and continuous grinding capacity

Simplified installation, adjustment and maintenance

Efficient and energy saving

Model Diameter(mm) Speed Of Rotation Feeding size Capacity Motor power (kw) Weight
(r/min) (mm) (t/h) (kw) (mm) (kg)
XS2210 2200 2.5 ≦10 15~30 4 3180*1955* 2350 2260
XS2610 2600 2.5 ≦10 20~50 5.5 3515*2070* 2672 2500
XS2810 2800 1.2 ≦10 50~80 11 3964*3014* 2895 3200
XS2815 2800 1.17 ≦10 60~100  11 3964*2137* 2895 3580
XS3016 3000 1.2 ≦10 70~110 11 4169*3456* 3055 3850
XS3210 3200 1 ≦10 80~120 15 4340*2760* 3349 3950
XS3215 3200 1.17 ≦10 95~130 15 4346*2198* 3345 4185
XS3610 3600 1 ≦10 110~200 15 4580*3218* 3600 4600

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