Gold Ore Concentrator

Gold Ore Concentrator

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  • Application for Gold Ore Concentrator Yunnan Tin type shaker table

    This series of gold shaker table mainly applied  in a variety of non-ferrous metals. Especially for multi metals particularly volatile it worked wonders features. Separation of nonferrous metal re-election and the selection of 2 mm. After years of mining production practice proves, beneficiation of Yunnan Tin Shaker with stable performance and high processing efficiency, smooth, low noise and easy maintenance features, by the majority of mine users welcome.


    Features and Structure of Gold Ore Concentrator Yunnan Tin type shaker table

    Beneficiation of Yunnan Tin Shaker from the main bed, bedside, moving away equipment consists of three parts. Bed consists of bed frame parts and parts such as feed tray, bed with coarse sand bed and the Manger bed surface. Depending on the particle size and concentration of mineral processing select the appropriate beds (see schedule). Bed support in moving away on the device, connected by a tied to bed bed bed, driven by the bed so that the bed dressing the reciprocating motion.Bedside with eccentric shaft eccentric wheel driven to promote the rocker arm, rocker-arm fork to promote joining t-head screw, screw reciprocating motion. Bedside-lubricated bearing system used ZQSN5-5-5 materials as sliding bearings, the noise is small, rotational flexibility and other features,Moving away equipment is primarily designed for regulating mineral processing equipment required slope, using the handwheel adjustment tilt pallets, so that the bed slope.


    Maintenance of beneficiation of Yunnan Tin Shaker table

    Beneficiation of Yunnan Tin shaker in operation, should carry out the necessary maintenance and repairs, Shaker parts regularly to maintain good condition, Shaker parts maintenance of the good and the bad, directly affecting processing performance and efficiency indicators, but also affect its service life.

    Beneficiation of Yunnan Tin Shaker should be aware of the following considerations:

    1, bed surface paint has a certain brittle, cannot be a strong beat, collision

    2, to avoid bed finish laminated bad deformation, shall be placed at high temperature and heavy objects

    3, in order to prevent water leakage caused the bed damp effect paint Brister, is strictly prohibited in the nail bed nail

    4, to ensure that the slide film uniformity, should be avoided for oil pollution bed

    5, use the shaker in order to maintain the quality of manufacture, handling and stacking and must pay special attention during installation, General

    6, handling and stacking is required to avoid uneven or multi-overlapping side sign, trough-side down, and prevent the rain.


    Considerations for operating Shaker Table

    1, in the beneficiation of Yunnan Tin Shaker is used, must be selected based on the selected specifications Chong Cheng ChongPart

    2, at the end of the sliding bearing made of ZQSN-5-5-5 material. Despite being processed into, but when you use make sure that

    3, box, lubricating oil, prevents lubrication bearings due to shortage of oil caused wear and tear.

    4, bedside use after a certain period, when bearing a natural wear-time, should be based on the degree of wear to replace bearing5, when the beneficiation of Yunnan Tin shaker in use, should maintain bedside part of clean, prevent ore into bed, resulting in unnecessary wear of the mechanical parts.
    Using moving away equipment should pay attention
    1, when adjusting the tilt of the bed surface, under technical conditions for separating minerals to determine the qualified inclined slope.

    2 slippery bearings, sliding devices, made of HT15-30 material, using moving away housings should be maintained when there is enough oil, so moving away bearing an undue wear and tear.

    3, spring is the spring tension on the bed frame, so that the bed at the bedside, driven by reciprocating movement of the stretch. So use caution spring not too tight or too loose, should be able to maintain a bed a smooth reciprocating motion.

  • Model Screen size   (mm) Rotation  speed (r/min) Feeding size  (mm) Water requirement (M3/h) Angle of inclination (°) Capacity  (T/h) Power (Kw)
    400 ≤20 27.9 ≤80 1 ≤10 10 3
    600 ≤25 27.6 ≤80 1.2 ≤10 20 5
    750 ≤25 27.6 ≤100 1.3 ≤10 30 7.5
    900 ≤25 27.6 ≤100 1.5 ≤10 40 15
    1200 ≤25 19 ≤160 1.7 ≤10 50-70 22
    1500 ≤50 19 ≤230 2 ≤10 70-120 30
    1800 ≤50 16 ≤230 2.2 ≤10 120-150 37
    2100 ≤50 16 ≤230 2.4 ≤10 150-180 45

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