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Jiangxi Shicheng Mine Machinery Factory comes a sales busy season recently
AUTHOR: Jiangxi Shicheng    DATE:03 Dec 2012 14:37:29

At present, in particular entered after December, Jiangxi Shicheng mining machinery factory in season, order continuously. Policy under the guidance of slowdown in macroeconomic, monetary tightening, severe environmental, overdrafts, adverse impacts of overcapacity in the market, rising raw material prices, labor costs, have cut regularly, can it be sorted out adverse market order, and so all is filled in behind the boom.

After the prosperity, will be in decline. Mine resources total has mining out of when on gold shaking table, gold centrifugal concentrator, Jig separator also will with of appears "no rice for Cook" of situation, more alone based construction also will has completed of when, especially as technology of continued development, technology new technology of added, currently some area reinforced system Sha machine concrete construction mode has began is emerging of plate plus reinforced mode by alternative, This model not only does not require traditional building materials such as cement sand and aggregate, they are easy to remove, easy to recycle, fit energy saving concept of sustainable development in the future. So dressing manufacturers are adding horse power, to seize the gravity separation equipment market opportunities.