lab mini roll crusher machine

lab mini roll crusher machine

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  • lab mini roll crusher machine description:

    Small size double roll crushers applicate on mining, metallurgy, cement, geology, construction materials, chemical industry, electric industry, research unit laboratory sample crushing.

    It is usually used in middle and fine crushing stage to crush medium hardness materials including limestone, Iron ore, furnace slag, coke, coal, steel slag, salt, shale, good used in all kinds of ore, stone, rock fine crushing.


    lab mini roll crusher machine working principle:

    Laboratory Double Roll Crusher consists of roll wheel, roll bearing, pressing device, adjusting device and driving device etc. Discharging size adjustment: between two roller equipped with cuneate or gasket adjusting device, top of the wedge device capped with adjustment bolts. When the adjustment bolts pull upward wedge which will bear against the fixed wheel to make it deviate from the movable roller wheel, then the gap between wheels become large, discharging size become bigger, otherwise the opposite, gasket device is through the quantity or thickness to adjust the materials size.


    When roll crusher adding gaskets the gap between wheels become large, when reducing gaskets the gap between wheels become small, so the discharging size becomes small. Driving structure is two motors through triangle belt drive to grooved pulley which drag roller rotating according to relative direction. In crushing stage, material is broken by roll wheel; final product is discharged from chassis. For safety, transmission part should be installed safety guard according to actual situation.

  • lab mini roll crusher machine technical specifications:

      Roll sizemm) Feeding size Output size
    Adjustable range
    Capacity Motor Power Roll Rotating (r/min) Dimension Weight
    Model (mm) (mm) (kg/h) (kw) (mm) (kg)
    200*75 200*75 10 0-4 300 1.5 450 600*460*880 200
    200*125 200*125 10 0-4 450 3 400 780*660*574 315
    200*150 200*150 10 0-4 600 3 400 780*660*574 350
    250*400 250*400 32 0-8 5000-10000 11 200 1332*1490*820 1300

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