laboratory wet splitter

laboratory wet splitter

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    •  laboratory wet splitter  Application:

      New model XSHF2-3 Wet Splitter is applicable to labs for geological, metallurgical, building material, coal and other industries for ore slurry reduction and wet sampling for product tests. Minor representative samples in terms of solid content, particle size fraction and chemical composition can be made by the splitter. 

       laboratory wet splitter  Structure:

      The main parts of XSHF2-3 Wet Splitter are: (1) feed hopper; (2) slurry conditioning drum; (3) slurry distributing part; (4) slurry intercepting part; (5) slurry gathering and containing part; (6) lathe bed; (7) control switch for slurry conditioning drum; and (8) control switch for distributor. The plate distributor rotates counterclockwise.  

      1. Structure of Transmission SystemThe moving system of splitter transmits slurry in two ways:

      (1) stirring transmission and (2) distribution transmission, both of which are driven by one single motor.

      (1) The motor for stirring transmission feeds slurry to the driven shaft through belt pulley, getting the stirring impeller to rotate at constant speeds

      .(2) The distributing transmission system is directly driven by high-precision reducing motor imported from Germany, which gets the distributor to operate counterclockwise at a constant speed. 

      2. Construction Type of Main Parts

      (1) The electric switch and operating switch are installed on the right of lathe bed.

      (2) The gear box is directly connected with the motor; and the distributor is linked to the transmission shaft through the right-hand thread.

      (3) The bottom of machine base is equipped with four legs. The adjustable screw thread pair is used to adjust its level.       

  •  laboratory wet splitter technical specifications:

    Model  XSHF 2-3
    One time reduction splitter ratio 126432
    Weight difference  2%
    Feeding density% 5-50%
    Feeding sizemm) -0.5
    Processing capacity(L/min) 2
    Contain capacity(L) 4
    voltage(v) 380
    stiring motor power(w) 120
    Splitter motor power(w) 90
    Machine total motor power(w) 210
    Overall dimensionmm) 550*420*1260
    Machine weightkg) 90

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