riffle box for lab sample dividing

riffle box for lab sample dividing

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    • Introduction of riffle box for lab sample dividing: 

      stainless steel Riffle sampler Divider is used for dividing kinds of solid material for component analysis.

      It serves division of granular materials such coal,ore samples in laboratory.

      It can improve division efficiency and quality.

      It is prepared according to coal sample preparing method in GB 474. 

      Application Area of riffle box for lab sample dividing is especially suitable for sample preparation work in the labotatory of industries of coal, electricity, nonferrous metal, metallurgy, chemic,environment-friendly department, scientific research and so on. 

      Main structure of riffle box for lab sample dividing :

      Riffles consists of sample splitting trench, sample splitting hopper, sample receiver, frame and dustpan. 

      It applies to sample splitting analysis of coal, ore  samples and other materials of uneven grain sizes. there are four different specifications available for every set of riffle, which are respectively applicable to the splitting of sample of different granule sizes.

  • riffle box for lab sample dividing technical specifications:

    Model Cell number Cell width(mm)  Division sizemm
    MFQ-1 16 32.5 <13
    MFQ-2 18 15 <6
    MFQ-3 24 7.5 <3
    MFQ-4 32 3 <1

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