Dewatering Screen FAQs


What is a dewatering screen? What types of dewatering screens are there?


The dewatering screen is mainly used for dewatering, desliming, and degrading. It can be used for sand washing in sand and gravel plants, coal slurry recovery in coal preparation plants, or dry tailings of concentrators, etc., so it is also called sand dewatering screen and mine dewatering screens, slime dewatering screens, tailings dewatering screens, high-frequency dewatering screens, etc.


What are the commonly used sand washing equipment?


Generally speaking, the commonly used sand washing equipment includes spiral sand washing machine, impeller sand washing machine(wheel sand washing machine), and vibrating dewatering screen. Those three sand washing machines are mainly used in industries such as sand quarry, mining, building and construction materials, chemical industry, and concrete mixing station. There are three main functions of those machines: Washing, Classification, and Dehydration.


Among those dewatering screens. What are the differences between sand dewatering screen and tailings dewatering screen?


Although they both belong to the dewatering equipment, the structure of the dewatering screen is different, as well as the suitable processing material. For example, the sand dewatering screen on the sand washing production line and the tailings dewatering screen commonly used in concentrators are different equipment. It is mainly used in wet sand production line and used with sand washing machine, or it can be used alone.


Why should a dewatering screen be equipped with a sand washing machine?


Why should the two be used together? It should be known that the sand washed by the sand washing machine is not very clean. The sand has a large mud content and is too wet (high water content), which does not meet the production requirements of the sand mud content standard, so a dewatering screen is required. The sand and gravel are cleaned by a sand washing machine, and then subjected to a second water washing, hydraulic classification, desliming and dewatering through a dewatering screen to achieve a reasonable particle size ratio and reduce the mud content to less than 0.7%.


Can the dewatering screen be used alone?


The dewatering screen can also be used alone when it is used for some materials with low mud content. No sand washing machine is needed, such as quartz sand. Because quartz sand generally contains low mud content, using a sand washing machine to wash sand not only consumes energy but is also effective Poor, the important thing is that the investment cost of the dewatering screen is lower than that of the sand washing machine.


What are the wearing parts of the dewatering screen and are they replaced frequently?


There are not many vulnerable parts of the dewatering screen, usually the wearing parts are screens, vibration motors, etc. The frequency of replacement needs to be determined according to the actual situation of the user, which may vary greatly.