Dry Type Permanent Drum Magnetic Separator

Description of Permanent drum magnetic separator

The dry type permanent drum magnet magnetic separator is a magnetic pre-separation device for magnetite ore, mainly deployed in the pre-selection stage before the fine crushing or grinding process to removes gangue and surrounding rock, tailings discharging rate is about 10 %.
dry magnetic separator machine
Processing material: Coarse-grained magnetic mineral
Capacity: 20-600t/h
Enhancement: wear-resistant rubber to protect the cylinder body.
Wide feed size 450 ~ 0mm;
The feed material can into the machine directly without particle size classification;
A high strength mechanical structure ensures normal operation in harsh conditions.

1. Roughly select the primary crushed lean iron ore, remove waste rock such as surrounding rock, improve the grade and reduce the load of the next process.
2. For the hematite reduction closed-circuit roasting operation, select the raw ore that has not been fully reduced to re-process.
3. Remove the iron in the porcelain mud and improve the quality of the ceramic products.
4. Coal mines, foundry sands, refractory materials and other industries that need iron removal operation.

Main parts
Mainly consists of magnetic system (360 degrees wrap), roller, magnet yoke, aluminum ring, belt.

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Development trend

(1) Performance optimization: The mechanical structure is optimized by advanced optimization software, which can make the structure itself more reasonable, greatly reduce the quality of the equipment, convenient installation and maintenance, and flexible process adjustment. In addition, with the continuous improvement of magnetic materials and the continuous efforts of scientific researchers, reasonable magnetic systems are designed for different minerals and different particle sizes to achieve better sorting results.
(2) Large-scale: mineral processing machine developing into large and automation, that is the obvious trend in the mining industry. Simplify process configuration, easy to operate.

(3) Dry-type pre-selection for fine-grain ore: conventional permanent magnetic separator can handle coarse grain but has poor effect on the fine grain ore, especially the extra-fine ore.

Performance characteristics

(1) High-performance composite magnetic system
The magnetic system adopts nd-fe-b permanent magnet material, greatly increase the magnetic intensity and depth of the magnetic field on the surface of the cylinder. The inner adjustable magnetic poles expand the application so that the waste rock and surrounding rock in the ore are excluded before entering the grinding machine, reducing energy consumption and improving the production capacity of grinding equipment.

and excellent silver ferrite material. Due to the improvement of the magnetic structure, the overall magnetic field distribution curve is improved and the magnetic field is increased. Depth, the upper limit of the sortable particle size is 450mm.

(2) Wide handling size (up to -450mm iron ore), and strong adaptability, used in many fields, such as waste rock recycling, steel slag treatment, cement plants, power plants, coal, ports, building materials industry and so on.

Type Cylinder
Blet width
Magnetic intensity
Particle size (mm) Capacity
CT-0404 410 465 400 150-160 1300 10-40 20-30 250
CT-0505 520 500 150 20-40 500
CT-0506 600 500 2100 40-60 600
CT-0507 750 650 2120 60-80 700
CT-0707 750 >160 2860 10-60 80-100 1200
CT-0709 950 800 5500 100 1620
CT-0816 800 1600 1400 9760 1OO-150 2850
CT-1010 1000 970 800 200-210 5590 10-100 150-200 3410
CT-1012 1170 1000 >200 10680 ≤100 200 4010
CT-1014 1400 1200 12810 4600
CT-l0l6 1600 1400 160-210 14920 10-100 150-200 5200
CT-12l0 1200 970 800 8380 4380
CT-1212 1170 1000 >160 10470 ≤100 200 5280
CT-1214 1400 1200 12570 6070
CT-1216 1600 1400 14580 6670
CT-1218 1800 1600 16620 7260
CT-1412 1400 1200 1000 16000 ≤l20 6000
CT-1414 1400 1200 20000 7100
CT-1416 1600 1400 400 25000 ~400 300 9800
CT-1518 1500 1800 1600 ≥450 30000 600 14000

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