How to Build A Manganese Ore Processing Plant

The process flow of the manganese ore processing plant is based on the results obtained from laboratory ore dressing tests and industry tests. The magnetic separation process with 1 070 mm × 4 600 mm tank-type ore washing machine has a good effect.

Wet Magnetic Separator

1 Main equipment of manganese ore process plant

The main manganese mining equipment is 2 sets of PE400 mm×600 mm jaw crusher, 2 sets of CXK1 600 mm×7 630 mm tank washing machine, 2 sets of ZD150 mining single-shaft vibrating screen, FG -12 high-grade spiral classifier.

2 Existing problems in the manganese mining process

The manganese ore yield and manganese metal recovery rate are quite different from the experimental design indicators. Mainly the tailings contain too much manganese, and more than 30% of the manganese metal runs into the tailings pond with the tailings. This not only wastes resources, but also reduces the economic benefits of the company.

3 Improvement

Washing machine tail shaft improvement

The outer washing machine of the tail shaft often runs into the tail shaft due to the tailings, which causes the tail shaft and the bearing to be easily worn. Although it is hard to change the roots, it is still difficult to completely solve the problem of slurry leakage. By adding a high-pressure water spray device to prevent the tail sand from running into the bearing block, it stays in the machine slot, and the useful components are scraped out as much as possible by the blades. Change the tail shaft to the built-in. Due to the reverse flushing of the high-pressure water spray device, the pressure is greater than the osmotic pressure of the slurry, the tail shaft does not leak slurry, and the water seepage is extremely small, which not only reduces the material consumption, but also increases the recovery rate of the concentrate, and has achieved obvious effects.

Recycling manganese overflow fines

Manganese ore has a large amount of mud, a high concentration of pulp, a large buoyancy, and the constant stirring of the square shaft of the washing machine. Some of the powder ore cannot be sunk and scraped by the blades, and run away with the tailings overflow. In order to recover this part of the ore, add 1 cyclone with a diameter of 500 m × 600 m and a 750 screw with a diameter of 750. The recycling principle is as follows: firstly, the constant pressure pool is used to keep the liquid level of the constant pressure pool stable, and at the same time, part of the slime is overflowed, and the flow velocity of the total overflow is increased by using the terrain height difference, so that the overflow is separated when passing through the cyclone. Most of the water and mud are pumped to the tailings storage tank under the action of centrifugal force. A small part of the mud and most of the fine ore are discharged from the bottom of the cyclone, and then desulfurized and dehydrated by the screw machine to obtain low manganese. Powder mine.

Through the technical reform practice of the tail shaft of the washing machine and the recovery of the overflow powder ore, the economic and technical indicators of the manganese ore processing plant are close to the design index, and the economic benefits are obvious, effectively protecting the country’s mineral resources. At the same time, the technical reform practice of manganese ore processing plant has guiding significance for the utilization of other mineral processing plants. JXSC provides a full inventory of mining equipment of the manganese ore processing plant, also can do mining process flow sheet design.