Gold Recovery

The Ways of Increasing Gold Recovery Rate

The recovery rate of placer gold is an important index to measure the technical level and economic effect of Placer Gold Mine. It is an important aspect that can not be ignored to maximize the recovery of gold from ore. At present, there are many problems in gold placer production, such as Gold Dredger and on-shore concentrator, which lead to heavy loss of gold.

  1. Causes of loss of placer gold
    1.1 Loss of gold before and during mining
    The metallogenic mechanism and enrichment rule of placer gold determine the regional change of its geological structure. If the negative grade of gold in a certain area is found to be zero in drilling, it will be blindly circled out the orebody without analysis, which is bound to cause a large number of gold losses.1.2 Partial mining missed
    Due to the inertia between the ore and the bucket chain, the vibration of the bucket chain and the movable distance between the bucket and the receiving hopper, a considerable part of the excavated ore will be missed. The loss of dredger funnel is mainly related to the mud content of raw ore. If the mud content of raw ore is more and the cementation is strong, the gold leakage will be more serious.1.3 Unreasonable process and equipment for Gold Dredger
    (1) The gold trommel screen effect cannot be stable, especially when the ore content is large, the broken powder is not sufficient, and the effect is poor.
    (2) The recovery of fine gold is not effective when the chute box is fixed. When the particle size of gold in the ore is 1 ~ 0.42mm, the recovery was 82%, and when the particle size is 0. 42 ~ 0.2 mm, the recovery rate is only 60. 5 %. There is a contradiction between the feeding concentration of the clay trough on the gold mining ship and the washing effect of the cylinder trommel screen.
    (3) The production practice shows that the feed water, feed quantity and the uniformity and stability of ore separation of the Jig, the amount of water added under the screen, the density of grain size of the bed stone, the thickness of the bed and the mud content of the ore have great influence on the recovery rate.
    300T Gold cip process
  2. Ways to improve the recovery rate of Placer Gold2.1. Reducing ore loss due to leakage
    The jig machine can process bigger ore sand, the ore flow enters the jig machine, and the concentrate of the jig machine automatically flows into the middle ore field with the help of gravity height difference, which makes the whole process realize the self-flow separation.2.2 Stre the crushing screen effect, recover the lost gold on the screen
    (1) Increase the screening device and change the arrangement of the screen holes. By adding crushing equipment in the trommel screen, the cemented mineral can be broken and cracked as soon as possible under the action of strong mechanical force. 3 ~ 0. 5m Pa water jet ball valve, and add a water gun as the case, so that the screen into the mineral fully dispersed.
    The arrangement of the screen holes is directly related to the screening effect. The best arrangement of the screen holes is selected to determine the appropriate center distance and row distance. The effective screening area of the cylinder screen can be increased and the screening efficiency can be improved.
    (2) Pave gravel layer on the sluice box to recover the bigger grains of gold.
    Trommel screenjig separatorgold shaker table
    2.3 Improve the structure of the fixed sluice box
    (1) At present, most of the gold mining ships have been converted to belt chutes, which do not need to be cleaned and are easy to recover fine gold, and the separation effect is better than that of fixed chutes.
    (2) The jigging process generally uses the barrel pulp distributor to supply ore. If the box slurry distribution is used, if the jigging pipeline is selected properly, the ore supply can be “uniform and stable”.
    (3) Improve the process of ship selection based on jigging and sorting.
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